Windshield Repair Vs. Windshield Replacement

Repair Vs. Replacement

Mobile Windshield Replacement. A vehicle's windshield has a very high probability of being damaged in accident; something as minor as a small crack is potentially lethal. This is due to the fact that a small crack can quickly spread or perhaps even penetrate the windshield glass deep enough to continue into the inner windshield layer. This inner layer has a plastic composition and is tightly 'sandwiched' between the two denser glass layers. Thus, even a small and seemingly insignificant stone can cause extensive damage.
There are a few criteria to consider:
It is possible for a crack to be repaired using many techniques, but not all are equally effective. Tiny cracks can be fixed using relatively simpler techniques than larger cracks. Normal techniques can be used for fixing cracks up to 3 inches, and sometimes it's possible to fix cracks up to 12 inches. As a rule of thumb, windshields with cracks larger than 12 inches should be replaced and not repaired. Therefore it is wise to repair a crack as soon as possible, before it spreads.
Another factor to consider is the location of the crack. A crack directly in front of the driver should be fixed right away, using state-of-the-art technology because less advanced methods can leave marks behind and are not as safe. If a crack occurs near the edge of the windshield it has a chance of spreading much faster and so it should be repaired as soon as possible as well.
These factors should be taken into account before deciding whether to repair or replace the windshield, but before doing anything it is suggested that you talk to a glass specialist and get their opinion on the matter. If replacement of your auto glass cannot be avoided, do not hesitate to fix it as soon as possible – it might save your life.

Auto glass repair vs. replacement