Stone Chip & Cracks

Stone Chip & Cracks

A windshield damaged by a stone does not always require replacement. However, repairing it is a more efficient way to fix the problem, both practically and economically. If your vehicle is equipped with a laminated glass windshield, there are several technical and legal regulations that need to be taken into consideration:

  • The damage must be taken care of as soon as possible after the accident. This is due to its tendency to accumulate moisture and dirt, which will visibly degrade the quality of the repair possible.
  • Damage to the outer windshield surface up to 5mm can be repaired. Anything more than is rarely fixable. In addition, the screen inside as well as the intermediate plastic foil must be free from trauma. Minor scratches and small 'pits' caused by grainy sand particles etc. cannot be eliminated by this procedure.
  • All lines originating from the main point of impact must not be longer than 50mm and not end at the external border of the windshield.
  • Repairs are not permitted within the driver's field of vision. The definition of driver's field of vision is the 29cm wide strip extending from above the centre of steering wheel, with its top and lateral boundaries being the outermost arc of the wiper (this is a hypothetical line created by the wiper).

Initially, the area to be repaired is cleansed with special chemicals. Air is subsequently suctioned via a vacuum and finally, resin is deposited under high pressure, ensuring that it reaches into even the smallest fissures. The resin is then exposed to UV light in order to make it virtually transparent and the surface is polished and leveled to make the windshield smooth.
At Auto Glass Repair, our professionals guarantee that windshields treated with our procedures will be optimally resistant to shattering, moisture or force. Please note that most insurance companies cover stone chips - please ask our staff for more information.
There are a lot of choices with varying prices and quality of service. The quality of repair relies heavily on the type of resin used, the type of repair kit, the type of break and of course, and the technician performing the procedure. Stone chips can be categorized in four groups and their final look after treatment differs various ways as specified below:

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Star break is a rock chip, composed of several legs stretching from the impact point. It’s difficult to fix these kinds of repairs. It is necessary to have a high viscosity resin in order for it to flow throughout the break and requires a windshield repair kit that can drag a vacuum. The break might still be visible even after the repair. However, star break doesn’t spread if repaired correctly.
Bulls eye is also a rock chip - this type of break is shaped like a circle and be easily repaired without any use of drills or vacuum. They can be fixed manually by anyone with the help of a windshield repair kit from our online store. This type of break mostly disappears and barely spreads after repaired.
The combination break is a combination of the star and bulls eye chip. These are much more difficult to repair due to the damage to the glass. However, a combination of proper technique, resin and windshield repair kit can make the exterior damage disappear, but they rarely go away. A large piece of glass is missing because most of it has usually crushed. It is recommended to speak to a technician before settling on a plan for repair or replacement of the windshield with a combination break.
The half moon is a rock chip similar to the bulls eye, excluding the formation of a perfect circle. This break can be easily repaired in five minutes using a windshield kit. Half moon breaks typically diminish and don’t spread.

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